Midtown Madness


Here's where things got serious. Microsoft calls me up and asks if I want to be flown out to Angel Studios (now known as Rockstar San Diego) San Diego, California in December of 1999.  I said, hell ya!

They saw the work I had done on Motocross Madness, and cleverly thought.  We want this guy to make a car for our game!

I had a kind individual at Angel Studios sit down with me and show me how they built a car for Midtown Madness.  I already had an idea to build a Delorean to start.

I started by using 3D Studio MAX and creating the 3D model of the car.  This was a learning experience for sure!

 For Midtown Madness 2, all I did a conversion using ZBrush and updated the textures since technology got a bit better.  Plus I had to create for both versions three different LOD (level of detail) versions, High, medium, and low.  The low version barely looked like a car.

Then created the corresponding higher resolution textures.  The dash... Made from a real Delorean that my friend owned.

Outside panels, ones without damage.

And some with.

Side of the car....


Since Midtown Madness 2 was going to have awesome multiplayer, I created four different coloured versions, original stainless steel, red, blue, and gold.  Then I had to create a promotion screen within the game.

Overall, the car was well received as I was one of the first one to create a community built car.

It's still around to download in various places on the internet.


On to....


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